It is the design of the most suitable smile for the patient by examining the nose, lips, jaw, teeth, gums and facial lines of the patient. The aesthetic requirements of each patient are different, and therefore the designs are determined individually.

There are a number of protocols for making smile design. First of all, the patient should be photographed with special cameras. In addition, the patient’s measurements should be taken for diagnosis and smile design. The aesthetic expectations of the patient are transferred to the technician by the physician and a study is made on the diagnosis model, taking into account the photographs taken.

By taking a mold from the smile design made, a silicone material is formed, which can be tested on the patient. The design prepared by the temporary dental materials is applied in the mouth. Thus, a smile design close to 90% is obtained without the slightest abrasion on the teeth.



At this stage, the expectations for the final treatment between the patient and the physician become clear before the treatment is started in any way. As a result, the smile design study is a good preliminary study that enables the evaluation of smile aesthetics by the patient and the physician. If the patient approves, the necessary tooth abrasions are made by the physician, the measurements are prepared and the aesthetic porcelains are permanently adhered within 7-10 days.

Recently, programs in which smile design is made digitally in computer environment have been released. The most important advantage of these programs is that the smile aesthetics can be shown digitally on the screen with a final close to the possible result without the slightest operation to the patient. However, the vast majority of patients still want to see how the final image looks inside the mouth.

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Prosthesis / Veneer

In prosthetic dental treatment, the patient’s lost teeth and other functions are tried to be regained. At the same time, it is aimed to correct his impaired speech and to improve his aesthetic appearance. Dental prostheses are divided into different types according to each patient’s missing tooth uncle and remaining tooth positions.

Fixed Prostheses

 These are prostheses in which the existing teeth or implants in the mouth are used as infrastructure and cannot be removed in the daily life of the patient. They are known as crowns, bridges, veneers. It is the process of reducing the teeth and bonding the teeth prepared in the laboratory. They are diversified according to the material used in their infrastructure.

E-MAX (Full Ceramic Porcelain)

They are porcelains that are completely made of ceramics, transmit the light best and are closest to the natural appearance. It is the preferred coating type for aesthetic purposes.

Porcelain Laminates

They are specially produced very thin leaf porcelains that are used especially in anterior teeth. It is a conservative application that requires little or no cutting in the tooth tissue. Laminas adhered using special adhesives are very good in terms of light transmittance and give the patient a natural appearance. It is widely used in split teeth, discoloration problems or crooked teeth.


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